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- 30/05/15 - xdrum
- 01/06/14 - WAV loopinfo
- 11/11/11 - 11-11-11
- 28/06/10 - Satsymph
- 23/09/08 - Tape machine mod
- 18/03/08 - Kaossilator
- 21/08/06 - 100 ambient tones
- 29/06/03 - Site launch


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Hello, My name is Phill Phelps. I am an electroaccoustic musician from Bristol in the UK.
I teach audio programming and research at the the [University West Of England] where I studied Music Systems Engineering. In addition to this, I always seem to be involved in a lot of obscure music projects, most of which are in collaboration with fellow (ex)students.

I have a strong interest in the Japanese language and culture and I am very interested in getting involved in [film projects] - a lot of the music I write has strong atmospheric qualities which would enhance any imagery set alongside them. I can, and will work for free, so if you are interested - please email me: [zenpho@zenpho.co.uk]

Music to buy [...and music for free]

Click the album covers to jump to an online preview. You can purchase full mp3 files at 320kbps CBR, or a physical CDr. All albums come with high resolution 300dpi artwork and my prices are extremely reasonable at just £2.50 per album!

zenpho@zenpho.co.uk - Phill Phelps
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