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Music to buy [...and music for free]

The players below play low quality previews. You can purchase full mp3 files at 320kbps CBR, or purchase a physical CDr master by clicking the paypal buttons. All albums come with high resolution 300dpi artwork and my prices are extremely reasonable at just 2.50 per album!

After paying, press the [Return to Merchant] button on the paypal page at the end of the transaction, this button is a link to a zip file with the MP3s. (I also email you this link incase you want to download on a different computer)

Detroit techno

An ep of "detroit techno", from soft and drifting to hard and brutal, both in the classic style and also with more modern techniques.
This is a selection of layered and processed electronic tribal rhythms, crossing over from jazzy french house to relentless german techno.
Includes thought-provoking words from JBT and AC.

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2010 Ambient Nonsense

A collection of nine ambient pieces featuring natural sounds and instruments.

Harmonium, autoharp, flutes and whistles, field recordings of birds, streams, and rainfall played through resonating pipes and chambers.

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DVD ambient video album: Reverb drones

Audio: Vinyl crackles and tape hiss into a reverb unit with controlled feedback make simulated standing waves in a virtual room.

Video: Many bits of footage shot by me on Super8 and Hi8, WhiteSword's urbex, generative art from Cycling 74's Jitter and PoeticTerror, cropped/mirrored scenes involving corridors from commercial films.

3.60. Physical DVD-R

2.50. MP3s at 320kbps

Watch direct on vimeo
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Orange Ball

A huge collection (28 tracks!) of synth experiments, mad rhythms in odd time signatures, funky straight fours, chiptune bleeps, and ambient textures with zero beats. Launch yourself into the unknown, and comfort yourself with the familiar.

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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The first of two CDs documenting my love of literal sound design and chains of unpredictable aliasing!

(a review quote:) Twisted dark futurism. A masterwerk of brooding menace, mystical melodies, outerspace discotronix, gonzo click-whirr breaks, sculpted noise, and grooves that limp and shuffle forth from the shadows like broken clockwork toys in a deserted mansion.

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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Zenpho-two is a carefully crafted blend of calming beats, experimental drones, dark drum and bass, funky filtered house, and laid back chillout music.

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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Dreams & Drones

In 2003 I started keeping a dream diary. It was difficult at first, but after a while I found I could write down a lot of details as long as I wrote things down quickly. I didn't keep it up, tailing off around 2004 and finally stopping altogether in 2005.

This album features music (not just drones as the title might suggest) overlaid with recordings of me reading aloud some of the dreams I wrote down during the period between 2003 and 2005 when my dream diary entries were most detailed.

There is also a version with just the music for people who don't want to listen to the dreams - but I've only put the version with me reading the dreams in the mp3 preview player.

This preview is 1 hour and 32 minutes long
you are encouraged to skip around in the
audio to find something you like.

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One hundred ambient tones

One of my projects is freely available on archive.org; called [one hundred ambient tones], it is a collection of short ~40sec ambient audio snippets designed to be listened to in "random" or "shuffle" ordering. The transitions between tracks, chosen randomly by your machine on playback, become the focus.

The content varies from soft whiring drones to raucous screeching of metal-on-metal recorded with contact-microphones, Includes recordings of Bipolar Junction Transistor shot noise, reference noisefloors from many popular brands of VHS video recorders, waveforms from a YMF262 chip, and the results of altering the encoding and decoding of Linear Predictive Coding for voice communications, and of MP3 compression.

Free download from archive.org Download onehundred ambient tones for free from archive.org

View One hundred ambient tones 300dpi artwork + tracklisting

Personal Grudge

A 3 track EP of chilled out music for your listening enjoyment! This is a very downtempo collection of 3 electronic/acoustic tracks, a subtle blending of chillout and processed beats.

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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Casio ambient

Some (very minimal) ambient things, made with an old toy casio keyboard and a guitar multi-effects pedal.

To get into the "sleepy ambient" vibe I've set things up next to my bed. I set a machine to record 30 minutes, put on headphones, lie down, then play until I fall asleep. Then in the morning I trim off the silence and listen back.

Some of the thicker textures on this album are the result of layering and overlapping a few of these experiments, but most are "one take no overdub" sounds beaming directly out of my nearly-unconcious mind.

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Winter ambient music

In the winter of 2007, I began experimenting with using a mini FM transmiter and radio in a feedback loop. The result was a CD of weird noises perfect for sampling - most tracks under 2 minutes in length, with extremely interesting sonic material.

The first few tracks are demonstrations of what can be achieved through creative use of resampling, but the CD stands up by itself as an entertaining listen in its own right.

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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Sample Pixel Sylable

A 5 track ep of electronic music for your listening enjoyment!

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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DX10 Tapeloops

This record was made by modifying an old cassette recorder to act as a loop/echo machine. The tracks on this recording illustrate how nicely things can decay into a wobbly crackling mess of analogue squishyness!

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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Watch the VHS generation loss video using music from this album
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3 Experiments in time

This record was made in 2002 at the City of Bristol College. The Garry Barlow intro evolves into an alternately delicate and brutal soundscape that conjures up memories of twinkling lights on the Bristol skyline seen from the 6th floor of the CoBC buildings. Featuring Beni Williams on "Anori".

320kbps MP3s at 2.50.

or a physical CDr at 5.

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