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Zenpho - Circle (2004 to 2008)

Free music blog: I put sketches and ideas up on a page at zenpho.blogspot.com where each track has a little short explanation or story attached to it. I've only included a link to the blog here because the music really does work better when paired with the little stories. I'm fascinated by the idea of pairing [music with visuals]. This "music+stories" idea is another experiment to pair music with images, but this time the images are directly inside your head!

I'm interested to hear any comments people have about this idea, or the music+stories themselves - feel free to leave comments on the blog.

Download all these tracks for free at zenpho.blogspot.com

One hundred ambient tones

One of my projects is freely available on archive.org; called [one hundred ambient tones], it is a collection of short ~40sec ambient audio snippets designed to be listened to in "random" or "shuffle" ordering. The transitions between tracks, chosen randomly by your machine on playback, become the focus.

The content varies from soft whiring drones to raucous screeching of metal-on-metal recorded with contact-microphones, Includes recordings of Bipolar Junction Transistor shot noise, reference noisefloors from many popular brands of VHS video recorders, waveforms from a YMF262 chip, and the results of altering the encoding and decoding of Linear Predictive Coding for voice communications, and of MP3 compression.

Free download from archive.org Download onehundred ambient tones for free from archive.org

View One hundred ambient tones 300dpi artwork + tracklisting

11 11 11 - An improvised group recording

Re-grunged and de-mastered. Released on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the eleventh year of the twenty first century.

Read more about the recording
M3U playlist - external player
(c)2008 zenpho@zenpho.co.uk - Phill Phelps